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World Premiere - Fajr International Film Festival - Tehran 2009
Uk Premiere Winner - Best International Feature - London Independent Film Festival2009

Boucher and Mills' direction manages to tread a fine line between comedy and tragedy, providing humour without stupidity and emotion without overt manipulation TIME OUT 2009




Alain Bridonneau - Henri

Alain Bridonneau, born in 1951, is a stage / cinema actor and clown. Since 1977, he has worked with many companies on stage in France with luminaries Cervantes, Gelas, Papagalli and Falconnet. He discovered the pleasure of playing in the street with Cacahuete in 1989 and will never stop.


Josy Corrieri – Rosa

Josy Corrieri, born in 1952, is a choreographer working with Jérome Andrews developing original work in dance-movement with their company The Good Children since 1983. She joined Cacahuete in 1989 and acts in all the theatrical spectacles of the company.


Boubouche – Babeu

Boubouche, born in 1951 is an actor, burlesque performer, and musician working extensively on stage and TV. He founded the company Speedy Banana in 1982 directing it for 15 years. In 1996, he joined Cacahuete and takes part in all theatrical creations.


Pascal Larderet - Fabien

Pascal Larderet, born in 1957, has worked in his workshop the street since 1979 as street-actor and performer. Founded internationally celebrated theatre company Cacahuete in 1984. He is author, director and actor of all the spectacles of the company.


Carlos Catalan – Cinematographer

Studied Film in Barcelona at ESCAC Film School and graduation film won the Silver Tadpole at Camerimage 2001. Graduated from NFTS in 2005. The Burial was his first feature film. Since then he has worked in India on Bollywood feature Shaurya.


Marie Söderpalm – Editor

Marie Soderpalm trained as an editor at the National Film & Television School. She has since worked on various film projects in both long and short formats. She also works with music promos, commercial work and documentaries.


Gernot Fuhrmann – Sound Design

His background lies in electronic and dance music production, but always with a strong interest in art. In 2003, he graduated with BA in Sonic Arts studying musique concrète and electro acoustic composition. Graduated from NFTS 2005. The Burial was his first feature film.


Robert Davidson - Composer

Robert Davidson studied with Terry Riley before forming his award-winning quintet Topology, which has worked with artists including Geoffrey Rush and Savage Garden, and has featured in leading Australian, Asian and Canadian festivals. He lectures at QUT in Brisbane.


Eden Honeydew – Production Designer

After starting her fashion label 'Eden Honeydew" at the age of 16, Eden has continued to work as a designer & stylist on music videos, theatre productions and feature films. She currently works with Australian band 'Lovers Electric'.


David Turley - Driver

David Turley started playing music aged 11 and went on to perform in a number of bands. He is currently one half of the Australian electro pop duo "Lovers Electric". David also works in production & music for films & TV.


Rodney Boucher - Priest

Rod has been creating, performing and producing for most of his many years - composing, singing, acting, fathering, travelling - on stage, screen and TV, in stadiums, festivals and the street. All done with zest and enthusiasm for life and the call to eternity.


Chris Hobart - Ferry Guy

There's nothing like a chance to work with friends, to meet crazy people from all over the world, to dress up and pretend your someone different, to feel sexy in a strange place. To Make films, tell stories, and live your dreams...


Aidan Shogren - Babeu (Jr)

There is never a dull moment when Aidan is around - he is passionately interested in everything. Aidan loves playing sport just as much as reading, especially when swords and pirates are involved. 'The Burial' is Aidan's second movie, ever.

Aidan Shogren

Dylan Shogren - Henri (Jr)

Dylan spent the first third of his life travelling Australia and now lives in the U.K. Cricket is his great love, both playing and watching. He is a keen student of French and German and loved acting in 'The Burial', his first feature movie role.


Harry Westgate - Fabien (Jr)

Harry is 12 years old, living in Durham and has already enjoyed playing many roles on stage & screen. His ambition is to pursue a career in the profession and hopes you enjoy his work in this production.


Danielle Boucher - Mother (Actor/Writer/Director)

Eldest of 7 girls in a family of musicians, dancers, performers and artists.  Started full-time as an Actor at age 15 and never considered getting a day job. Dreaming of moving from stage to screen, she thought it might be fun to make the type of movie that she’d like to act in.


Benjamin Burns - Papa

Ben grew up listening to Rolf Harris and Hooked-on-Classics, influences contributing to the music he has written for bands, film and dance. Fresh to the silver screen, his feature debut as an actor reveals a talent on the cusp.


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